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Dynamix works is thrilled to be back for our 2024 Summer  Pop-Up!
This program is geared towards artists who are hungry to evolve and stay inspired; with a strong focus and passion for versatility and artistry.
Come experience a variety of dance styles, movements, and disciplines taught by a diverse,
and talented faculty of professionals. 

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Register to experience a warm, compassionate space for creativity, exploration, personal expression, and growth. 

This is a priceless opportunity to grow as an artist and build meaningful connections with a faculty of the industry's leading performing artists, dance educators, and choreographers.


Dynamix Works is excited to welcome new and returning artists. 

With an intentional smaller class size, our environment is designed for more of an intimate learning experience. Get ready to perform, learn, and thrive 

Open Jar Studios 

1601 Broadway 11th floor

NY, New York 10019

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8 or more classes

Duration : one to one hour & a half, depending on age 

Invested in providing dance education, dance history, dance terminology, with a focus on quality & artistry.

Styles ranging from : 

ballet, jazz, musical theatre, technique & conditioning, horton, tap, choreography, how to pick up choreo, Q&A, acting, vocal, audtion prep/opportunites, special awards, & more.

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Dynamix Works is built on the premise that we work as a community. A faculty designed of exceptional educators, industry professionals, dancers, singers, and actors currently starring in major Broadway and television shows, as well as well-renowned choreographers, all coming together, genuinely invested in inspiring and motivating the next generation. 

It's important to realize that we are working professionals. The schedule and/or teaching artists will be announced and posted closer to the pop-up dates.  

When attending a Dynamix Works Pop-up, the wealth of knowledge your artist and you,  the parent or guardian will walk away with is invaluable. We are here to act as mentors and help guide your artists on the path in which they chose. 


We know firsthand what it takes to not only thrive in this industry but to sustain and survive. Dance training truly is life training. So, whether or not your artist chooses to study and/or pursue a career in the performing arts and entertainment industry, trust they are learning life skills. 


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the look of a 4-day pop-up

Check-in, Meeting, Classes 
Classes starting @ 9:30am

5 classes, 3 before LUNCH & 2 after

Classes, Showcase run-through
We end with a closing farewell, feedback, pictures, Q&A, and awards. 
Extra-Curricular activities
Coffee Talk /with Parents 
and a diverse panel of professionals 
Pizza Party Provided for lunch
Opening or Closing Night Party
More activities will be added here closer to pop-up dates

Student's will be placed in one of two levels. Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced/Pre Professional. 

Students will not necessarily be placed by age. They will be placed by technique level and they're ability to comprehend what's being asked of them. 

YES! We want everyone to have fun and make friends or not be separated from the group they came with. However, this is an Experience where they are working with the best in the business and we want every student to get the most out of it. 

*Studio owners and teachers, I am open to your discretion, as you know your students best*

Click on Faculty headshots to read the short blurbs. More bios and pix to come. As well as cast for the WINTER POP-UP.



Keep eyes on instagram to see what it's like to be in the room where it happens

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